Posted on January 17, 2014

Project 52 – Week 3

Week 3 already for Project 52. I’m definitely glad I didn’t attempt a Project 365… I can hardly keep up with one shot a week! This is my very good friend Floris (literally) taking a bullet for me by going out to an abandoned parking lot in the middle of a very cold night to awkwardly pose and allow me to shoot fireworks at him.

I think the shot came out very nice! Not a big fan of the one shot hitting his leg, but I really like the overall colours and light-casting on the ground. I am really enjoying these more elaborate “photo-shoots”. I would never go out roaming through Rotterdam carrying around a chair on my own, but by owning up to this “challenge” it feels like it allows me some more creative- and “social-“ freedom to do weird stuff like this.

I would’ve liked to have gotten another try at taking this picture, but unfortunately someone set off illegal fireworks literally 200 meters away from us, and seeing as we ourselves were illegally setting off fireworks some 500 meters away from a police-station, we decided to call it quits, rather than risk the €100,- euro fine.

Also check out another shot from the night, which more clearly shows the levitation-aspect of the photo-shoot.

Light Battle

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