Posted on October 28, 2013

Get Gaming – Blocks That Matter

Blocks that Matter is an interesting genre combination. Half puzzle-game, half platformer. You control a little robot that walks around collecting blocks. These blocks “matter” because you need them in order to traverse the level. Placing them (always in groups of four, or “tetroids”) in order to reach a certain platform, or jump into a portal.

The game has a simple story that doesn’t take itself serious at all. The writing is quite humorous, and a nice addition to the game. Overall Blocks that Matter is a very decent game, although there are some small things that I am not a fan of. For a platformer, I feel the controls are somewhat lacking here and there. Jumping is always the same height and length, regardless of how long the jump-button is pressed. This feels like an unnecessary limitation in a game with a whole lot of jumping. Additionally, there are certain treasure chest-type bonuses to attain in each level, which in almost all cases are literally unattainable when you first play a level. Only by later going back, after you have received certain “upgrades” that allow you to do additional types of actions, are these bonuses possible. However this is never mentioned, nor possible to see beforehand. So I spent several minutes in various levels trying to reach a bonus which it turns out is impossible to reach. Very annoying.

Aside from these small annoyances Blocks that Matter is pretty great. The art style is great, gameplay is fun and engaging, and the storyline and content is fun and has plenty of callbacks to retro- or indie-games. Additionally, with the Steam Workshop integration, it allows for massive replayability.


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